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Discover Your State Pension Potential with HMRC's New Online Tool

Are you worried about potential gaps in your National Insurance (NI) contributions affecting your state pension? Well, worry no more! A new online tool launched by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) in collaboration with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is here to provide clarity and solutions.

The Check your State Pension forecast online tool is now live, offering individuals the opportunity to assess their NI payment history dating back to 2006. This convenient tool determines if additional contributions are necessary to secure the full state pension upon retirement.

With the state pension age gradually increasing to 67 and 68 in the coming years, it's essential to stay informed about your pension entitlements. The tool not only estimates potential increases in your state pension but also outlines voluntary NI contributions required to achieve these benefits.

Accessible to most individuals below state pension age, the digital service highlights any gaps in their NI records, empowering users to make informed decisions about voluntary contributions. Users can select specific years for contribution and securely make payments through the service, receiving prompt confirmation of their transaction and updated NI record.

In response to new state pension transitional arrangements, the government has extended the deadline for voluntary NI contributions to April 5, 2025, covering tax years from April 6, 2006, to April 5, 2018. However, from April 6, 2025, individuals will only be able to make voluntary contributions for the previous six tax years, aligning with standard time limits.

It's important to note that voluntary contributions may not always increase your state pension, but with the new online service, individuals can assess potential retirement benefits before committing to payments. To access the tool, taxpayers can log in using their Personal Tax Account details or the HMRC app. For those without an online HMRC account, registration is available on

I urge everyone to take advantage of this valuable resource to review their state pension forecast and explore opportunities to enhance their retirement income with just a few simple clicks. Your future self will thank you

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